Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Kid Blog

My blog's a baby. An infant actually. Its first post is published today. And exactly two days ago another blog made a screeching halt in its tracks.
Ah, what can I say about this blog? It isn't an infant by any stretch of imagination. In fact, it had just grown to its full size. Or that is what I felt each day only to see it getting better everyday. Well, for our purposes we can say it was an adolescent blog. Two years old. It would not be wrong to say it provided the inspiration for the birth of this blog. Each day, everyday it provided me with new ideas, new perspectives to see the world in, reasons to smile, showed me new paths to tread on, made me wiser, better, more informed and more complete.
And today, it has stopped dead in its tracks. I wouldn't want to say the blog itself is dead. It is dormant. And I have enough reason to believe it will remain so for a long time to come.
When I first told Pradyot, my buddy who also happens to be the creator of this most amazing blog aboutstarting a new blog of my own he said "Circle of Life". I didn't quite get what he meant then. And today, when I discovered the blog had stopped I was shocked. And "Circle of Life" made sense.
In the words of the man himself, "One blog dies as another one is born." True. But why? My blog could have been born anyway. In fact it would have been much better for it to have an adolescent to look up to. Now, it is as if this infant finds itself looking at the photograph of the adolescent which was indeed one of the greatest reasons for its existence. Sad. Truly sad.
The infant needed a finger to hold on to, a critical eye to watch its step, an smile to egg it on and a pat to boost its morale. The infant can look for that only through the comments of the man himself. That won't be like looking at the adolescent which would have narrated the story of the man. Which would have provided the infant the freedom to interpret it on its own terms and learn its own lessons.
Ah, but what of that? Such is life....

My very first post which will, in all probability be read for the first time by Pradyot (apart from me, of course), is dedicated to him.
Dear Pradyot, my very first post is dedicated to you. And to your wonderful blog. Which I shall never be tired of. And for which I shall always remain thankful to you. Thanks buddy!
Love Always,
The Kid.