Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Things

I have had hundreds of people tagging me on a"note" on Facebook asking me to list 25 things about myself that most people don't know. I am weary of social networking sites and avoid them to the greatest extent possible but the idea itself caught my fancy. So here goes:

25 Things about Me that most people don't know

  1. I am very easily addicted to things, habits and most importantly, people.
  2. I have been recently feeling like "trying out" matrimony but I feel good about stopping myself from thinking about it too...
  3. I really really enjoy drinking wine. In fact, I love the taste of port wine so much that I wouldn't mind going to shady bars to procure it for cheap.
  4. If I had a choice in the matter, I would always be found in minimal and comfortable clothing - quite opposite of what I wear now.
  5. I believe that any neutral outsider would most definitely find himself loving Calcutta more than Bangalore.
  6. I love staying up late and watch the night grow old, typing away on my computer, listening to music and savouring life in darkness and silence.
  7. I find my friendships with guys more enjoyable and less complicated than my friendships with girls. I would always prefer a guy for a friend to a girl, all other parameters remaining constant, of course. :D
  8. I am scared to death of cockroaches while I chase away giant, foot-long lizards with great ease and grace.
  9. I have actually hit rock bottom in life, left with no purpose or meaning to live for. Literally. I have existed as a vegetable for a few hours in my life.
  10. I have physically abused a scary, burly ruffian in public, shitting in my pants all the while but walked out proud and fulfilled at the end of it.
  11. Writing 25 things about myself which most people don't know is actually a difficult task for me and that shows how pathetically open a book my life is. :-|
  12. I find chocolate more tempting than sex.
  13. John Abraham comes closest to chocolate among all people on this planet.
  14. I could spend my entire life solving problems on calculus.
  15. I have lied to my mother just once. That has been one of the lowest points of my life.
  16. I can be foolish enough to have one single human being controlling my life and dictating terms to me and I would take it on willingly. Have done it. Might do it in future.
  17. I find death enticing and interesting.
  18. I would like to have an out of body experience at least once in my life.
  19. To build an animal welfare home is one of my life plans.
  20. I love kittens more than pups.
  21. I am a real bitch when I want to be one. And have been, too.
  22. Being the Ice Princess has been my childhood fantasy and still lives in my dreams.
  23. I saw only very recently that I could be highly opinionated and self centered. (Yes, I know...)
  24. I love coffee shops.
  25. I love chatting up auto drivers.

Oh, the 26th one: I am hopelessly insane and intense. To the point of being intense and insane respectively. ;-)


Charu said...

Lovely! Feels like I already knew most of these things about you - only, in an altogether different way! :)

Frankly, one of your very few posts that I have "entirely" understood. :P


Phenomenal Thinker said...

I thought you'd clarify abt why you call yourself "Eldritch Screech" but whatever you said, is continuation of the previous falls in place, despite my initial shock as discussed with you.